spatio-temporal Gibbs process

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All these functions first require to source internal functions .

More details about this model and its inference are given in Raeisi, Bonneu and Gabriel (2020)


stpp is a R package for simulating and displaying space-time point patterns. It is designed to reproduce the most current processes encountered in epidemiological studies: Poisson process, Log-gaussian Cox process, Poisson cluster process, interaction (inhibition or contagious) process, infectious process.

Available on the CRAN repository.


detecZAC is a set of programs for detecting the zones where a spatially sampled variable presents sharp variations. Such zones are called Zones of Abrupt Change (ZACs). The method is described in Gabriel E., Allard D., Bacro J-N. (2011). Estimating and testing Zones of Abrupt Change for spatial data. Statistics and Computing, 21, 107--120.

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